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Wines of southern Italy

Montemajor with its line of wines represents the south, rich in history and culture; union between land and sea.

A place that thanks to all its environmental peculiarities gives life to a heritage of excellence

Southern wines


Each of our wines has unique characteristics starting from the name, passing through the refinement and vinification up to the gastronomic combinations.

Our Wines

The characteristics of the names



For Christianity Mammasanta is the Most Holy Virgin Mother. In this context it also contains an exclamation that wants to be a good omen and wish them in order to produce a good wine.

Danza delle Spade

It originates from the Salento Pizzica, also called aggregation dance, better known with the name of Apulian Taranta. In this type of dance, knife fighting is mimicked.

Torre del Serpente

It originates from the famous Grotta del Serpente, one of the most evocative areas of the Salento coasts: a sort of reptile, which the centuries have carved into the rock, has given it its name.


It derives from the name of the Lojacono maraventano palace, emblem of the Sicilian baroque of the seventeenth century, located in the city of Agrigento.

the names of the wines


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