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Our History:
The Monte Maggiore

Montemajor was born with the desire to give the south, or rather the entire Mediterranean area, a unique interpretation, which encompasses history, tradition and territory.

Monte Maggiore is a hill 261 meters high. s.l.m. located a short distance from the left bank of the ofanto river in the province of foggia. the mountain stands on an isolated moor, far from any inhabited center near the road tracks, used over the centuries for the transhumance of herds.

Union between land and sea

Montemajor, with its line of wines, well represents the south, a place rich in history and culture.

The locality is known for the “battle of monte maggiore” between Normans and Byzantines, which marked an important victory for the former over the conquest of southern Italy at the expense of the Greek empire. Eastern and Western civilizations and cultures. Eight hundred kilometers of coastline delimit and surround like a delicate and seductive lace a sunny tongue of land, extending in all its unity into the Mediterranean Sea, as if to want to touch the very close Balkan and southern worlds .

It is not difficult to find traces of the Near East in this region both in its history and in its culture; in fact, there are no count of the Apulian municipalities that have their historical roots in the rich and fertile Greek culture: the Latin language of Roman domination and the Christian liturgy, now officiated everywhere in southern Italy, is accompanied by the Greek language in Puglia, which it will become more and more preponderant (the case of “griko”, an idiom still present today in the countries of the so-called “Grecìa Salentina” in the land of otranto), until it becomes official especially with the advent of the “second Byzantine” of the south of Italy (conventionally dating from the period between 871-1071 AD), which will see the city of Bari rise to the capital and center of greatest diffusion of Greek culture in the West.

However, not only Puglia but also Calabria and Sicily have a strong centrality within the Byzantine structure in which they integrated themselves from a political, religious, cultural and linguistic point of view.

So the history of southern Italy is also the history of the Mediterranean, of the expansive fluidity of the encounter between East and West. and if schisms and conflicts are emphasized, no equal importance is attributed to the links and points of contact between these two worlds.

The south, in the millenary nature of its traditions and cultures, with all the cultural and political intersections that have crossed it, has always affirmed and defended its own identity.

So montemajor with its line of wines well represents the south, a place rich in history and culture; all its wines are the mirror of the southern union between land and sea, which thanks to all its environmental peculiarities gives life to a heritage of excellence.

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